New RCN Drawings and Artist Book Donated to the Michener Museum

This past fall I donated a copy of the artist book I made about Roy C. Nuse, some of his art supplies and some drawings to to the Michener Art Museum. I knew they would be better taken care of there, and have more possibilities of being seen and studied, rather than sitting in an archival box in my studio! The drawings especially were on very fragile paper (some of them drawn on both sides) and needed to be in a temperature-controlled environment.

This self-portrait from 1906 is the earliest self-portrait I know of by RCN. Going by the date it must have been done when he still lived in Ohio and was studying at the Cincinnati Art Academy. It was shown at the Michener show, “Roy C. Nuse - Figures and Landscapes” Feb. 9- May 12, 2002.

Roy C. Nuse Self Portrait 1906 small.jpeg

Here are three portraits I donated. “The Young Woman with a Turban Hat” and “Older Man with a Beard” are on both sides of the same piece of paper, but one is facing up on the paper, while the other is facing down. They are such beautiful portraits, both sides really need to be seen!

Here are several of the life drawings I donated. A couple of them were also drawn on both sides of the paper.

Here are three photos from the book that I produced in 1972, “An Artist Speaks – the thoughts of Roy C. Nuse.” It is a handmade book with black and white photographs and quotes from my grandfather on his artistic process. I made a limited edition run of 10 books, but I only know of the location of four of them now. If you know of any of the six remaining, please contact me!

All of these pieces can be seen at the Michener by appointment. Contact them to view RCN’s works in their storage area.